SDP’S Teacher Development Program

Teacher Development Program (TDP) for Excellence in Teaching was established to provide an educational program that offer the opportunity to improve the standard of teaching decorating painting. The program will improve the skills of experienced teachers and help painters who want to become teachers. 



What is TDA?

A Teacher of Decorative Art (TDA) is a dedicated teacher of decorative painting who has furthered their professional career by undertaking a systematic study of teaching principles and methodology through the SDP Teacher Development Program.  The TDA designation is awarded to those individuals who have successfully completed a three part training, experience and evaluation process.  The successful completion of this program is an indication that the teacher has knowledge of teaching techniques and principles, has had teaching experience and has demonstrated an ability to apply these principles and practices in a classroom setting.

What are the benefits?

Applicants will receive an outstanding reference manual developed through the collaborative effort of internationally esteemed teachers, painters and business members of the decorative painting industry.

Study Topics include:

Learning Theory – Identifying Student Needs – Managing Student Behavior – Teaching Children – Classroom Preparation – Business Management – Copyright and Ethics

Those who successfully complete the program are:

Certified as a Teacher of Decorative Art by the Society of Decorative Painters. (TDA)

All TDA’s receive:

  • A distinctive enameled pin with a gold tone brush charm.  Additional brush charms can be earned by attending continuing education workshops or mentoring.
  • A personalized diploma, signed by the current SDP President
  • The Privilege of using the initials TDA (Teacher of Decorative Art) after your name on all pertinent printed materials and painting correspondence.
  • A TDA listing on the SDP Website
  • The opportunity to evaluate Teacher Development PRogram video submissions
  • The privilege to serv as a mentor for aspiring TDA’s.

Who can apply?

  • Applicant must be a current SDP member in good standing.
  • Applicant must be willing to adhere to the SDP Code of Ethics.
  • Applicant must fill out an application form.
  • Applicant must pay program fees.
  • Applicant will agree to serve as a Teacher Development Program evaluator upon successful completion of the program.

TDP Brochure available to download at