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“An artist is a person engaged in one or more of any of a broad spectrum of activities related to creating art, practicing the arts, and/or demonstrating an art.”
Therefore, decorative painters are artists just as singers are artists, even though they are using another’s designs or songs as the case may be.
The creators of the originals are designers and composers, but all are ‘artists’.
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TIP:E—6000 GLUE: Put vaseline on the metal tip and the lid will come off easy. – JUDY MEIROW
TIP:For painting small items…make a bracelet of tape with sticky side up, place the item on the tape to paint. Leave it on the tape for multiple coats. – JUDY MEIROW
TIP:To get more paint off your brush when dry brushing use a coffee filter. – DINKY DAVIS
TIP:When using a nail or screw in your project, remember to always pre-drill a hole. This will keep the project from cracking or splitting. Then take the nail, hold the nail with the head down and tap the nail head with a hammer to dull the point!
Always Remember “It’s gotta get ugly, before it gets pretty!”
TIP: ALCOHOL should be a part of every acrylic painter’s supplies. Use 99% isopropyl (buy from your local pharmacy) as it is the most powerful and has no additives (as does rubbing alcohol and baby wipes). This versatile product:

  1. Removes background smudges (gently use a damp Q-tip, but do not rub hard or you will break through the base paint)
  2. Cleans mops as it will dry faster than water (it is anhydrous)
  3. Removes dry paint from brush handles and ferrules
  4. Cleans work surface
  5. Removes dried paint from under fingernails

TIP: When using tape to block off stripes or borders, always ‘paint’ the tape edges with base-coat or varnish to seal before painting the stripe or border color. This blocks the new color from bleeding under the tape edges. I prefer Scotch Magic Tape to painter’s tape.

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