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N.W. Woman’s Shelter
January 2021:
Throughout the year the Raindrop Chapter gathers donations for the Women’s Shelter to assist them in obtaining the necessary items for a home that most take for granted. Since Covid we haven’t been meeting so obtaining the donations has been a little more challenging. But for the Shelter it has been a particularly hard year. Because of Covid they remain quarantined and not allowed to participate in any group functions. They must remain, whenever possible in their rooms. This means no Christmas gatherings or group celebrations for the 23 children at this location. The Raindrop Chapter came together and we were able to donate some of the toilet tissue, towels, coats and items they needed. We also were able to obtain $500.00 from the Chapter and an additional $350.00 from individual members and friends.
For additional information please read the Jan/Feb 2021 Newsletter.


April 2019:
E. Bleich & S. Garolis reported for Marsha Raindrop chapter. The greatest need continues to be personal hygiene products. Please support them with donations of hand sanitizer, toilet paper, paper towels, and oral care products. Chapter received a heartfelt thank-you from the Salvation Army Executive Director for the chapter’s financial donation. The Salvation Army is having a thank you dinner on May 14th for donors. Attire is business casual. RSVP required. Contact Marsha if interested.
February 2019:
Marsha Holte reported the women’s shelter was grateful for the financial support, Christmas stockings and continued donations of personal hygiene items from the Raindrop chapter. The greatest need continues to be personal hygiene products. Please support them with donations of hand sanitizer, toilet paper, paper towels, and oral care products.


January 2019:
November 2018:





April 2018:
Marsha shared how happy the shelter is to see toilet paper and paper towels!


February 2018:
Marsha Holte shared how happy the folks were to see toilet paper and paper towels! They were also thrilled to get the $200 chapter donation. Marsha read the very nice Thank You letter they wrote.
December 2017:
Christmas wish list is needed from them, also Carol will donate approx 49 stockings to fill for their Christmas party. So, bring items for fill socks to the Brunch.
November 2017:
The women’s shelter is transitioning to more individuals living on site there is greater need for paper products, toilet paper, paper towels, twin sheets, Kleenex and disposable diapers. Hand sanitizer is also appreciated. These are all items used on a daily basis so are held in high regard. We are doing Christmas stocking again this year, please bring stocking stuffers for the children. At Christmas time they try and fill gift bags to include stockings, hats, gloves and scarves to hand out to the residents. They do have children on site of all ages. It would be nice if we could help fill the gift bags not only with hats and scarves, but maybe some puzzles, crayons, coloring books or other items that may entertain kids of different ages and add some cheer to their holiday.
December 2016:
We have the donations together for the shelter and I will be delivering them tomorrow. We gathered 37pairs of gloves 29 scarves, 33 hats, 23 pairs of socks, a case and a half of baby wipes. A number of bottles of hand sanitizers, 14 boxes of baby clothes, pillows and blankets along with 40 stockings filled with items for the children. I think they will be quite pleased and hopefully we have made Christmas a little brighter for some.
July 2016:
Summer is here and the weather has been warm, but please keep in mind that the shelter still needs blankets, mostly for twin beds.They also need pots and pans, toilet tissue, paper towels and diapers are always in need. If you have other items that you may be thinking of donating but are in doubt whether they will ac-cept, please let us know.
January 2016:
The Shelter is in need of pa- per towels, toilet paper and normal day to day items. But they are still in need of pots and pans, bowls and silverware. Those things are needed to set up a basic kitchen.
Thank you for your generosity chapter members.
To donate contact:
Marsha Holte
Email: holteimage0987@yahoo.com
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