Memory Boxes

February, 2019:

Helga Nichols: Memory boxes are always needed. Randall Children’s Hospital is grateful for the chapter contribution. Guidelines to use for painting the memory box is a round, oval, or square shape with a non-holiday theme. These boxes are provided to parents who have lost a child and hold personalized items to remember them by.

“Thank You” to member Mickie Labs for her generous donation of unpainted papier-mache boxes, they will be used for the Memory Box program.

You can still support this wonderful cause.

Click on the button below for how to contribute even if you do not have time to paint any Memory Boxes yourself.

Don’t forget I challenge you all to bring more memory boxes and receive a wonderful prize. This program is truly painting from the heart!
Charmaine Bannister
Please contact Helga Nichols or Dinky Davis with any questions regarding the Memory Box program.