Our chapter prides itself on donating its memberships time, money and painting products to many of our special charities listed below.

Notes From or Feburary 3, 2018 chapter meeting:
Woman’s Shelter:
Marsha Holte shared how happy the Salvation Army folks were to see toilet paper and paper towels! They were also thrilled to get the $200 chapter donation. Marsha read the very nice Thank You letter they wrote us.
Peggy Smith mentioned she and Jen will continue to collect items all year long for the popular Kid’s Christmas Stockings.
Sunshine Lady:
Debbie Gill apologized for not sending out January cards….she’ll get them out right away along with February! She asked everyone to let her know when there is a special need for a card that she may not know about.
Memory Boxes
Helga Nichols showed 7 memory boxes hand painted/donated by members. She explained they are given to parents, through Randall House Legacy Emanuel, whose children have passed away.
Treasure Boxes
Georgia Magarrell explained the program of giving, children staying at Shriners, boxes to keep their treasures in. These boxes have typically been the shoebox sized photo boxes but can also be plastic shoebox size bins from the Dollar Store. Fill the boxes with stickers, art supplies, puzzles, small toys, hair ties, etc. (no food items).





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